Batch Customer Create/Update

Customer Billing Address Field information prints out in an invoice, in one line, like so:

ACME Holdings 123 Sample Road Exampleton NSW 2210

I would like it to read:

ACME Holdings
123 Sample Road
Exampleton NSW 2210

I know I can go into each customer record and change it one by one, however, is there a way I can update or create a batch file to accomplish this?

Thank you for your help.

You must be referring to a custom theme, or else you have entered all this information on a single line when defining customers. If you enter multiple lines, every built-in theme displays the customer address like this:

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 9.03.18 PM

Thank you Tut,

I am using the plain theme.
I followed the instructions to Batch Create a number (250) of customers using an excel SpreadSheet then copying the data to the window in Batch Create.

I have tried to use the ALT ENTER method of inserting a new line in the spreadsheet cell, but this does not translate in the copy and paste to the Manager window when using the Concatenate function.

When entering data via a spreadsheet (in my case, Excel) and using the Concatenate function, insert the argument CHAR(10) where you want the line break to be. Like so:

=CONCATENATE(‘2020’!R237,CHAR(10),‘2020’!L237,CHAR(10),‘2020’!N237," “, ‘2020’!O237,” ",‘2020’!P237)

PLEASE NOTE: you must also turn on the WRAP TEXT in your spreadsheet.
Then you can copy this straight from the spreadsheet to the Batch Create Window and Manager will recognise the Line Breaks. Your resulting address block will be like so:

Daily Exercise
123 Walk Street
Lazyboy NSW 2210


You should have mentioned all these customers were batch created.

Thank you for this advice.