Batch import of customers, inventory items, etc

I am moving over to Manager from QuickBooks and I have exported all of my lists into Excel files (some in the form of comma separated) When I try the batch import it has me download a file and states: place data into downloaded file and then upload. Problem is, my computer does not know what program to use to open the file that I downloaded. Thank you in advanced.

You can use any spreadsheet programme

What you could do is, create a test record (filling in all the fields) in Manager and export it.
This will give you a template as to the required file structure, modify your existing file to match then batch create.

The export file will be in tsv format, just drag that file into a opened blank spreadsheet to display

Thank you for your help. I tried what you told me and ran into one small problem: the address does not export.Can I remove that box in the customer contact and replace it it with custom fields? Can this be done with any of the batch list, remove default fields and replace them with custom fields?

I am surprised to hear that the addresses don’t export, but have just tested to confirm.

I suspect that the export / batch process is of a fixed structure, therefore unalterable.

Once again your expertise has helped me, lol. I made each piece of the address as custom fields, but made them not visible on documents. I only have one step to do when importing my customers and that is are-typing their address, which is fine by me, since it saved me a ton of typing for each customer. Again Thank you.

The key to understanding your situation is to realize that only information displayed on a screen is exported. This is true throughout the program. A record, such as a customer or supplier definition, may contain much more information. But only that shown on the screen will begin the TSV file.

The address is on the screen but not exported, not even for the vendors/suppliers.

Can you post screen shots showing:

  • A portion of your suppliers list that includes the column headings
  • The corresponding export file

This could be some fake suppliers as long as the data is representative of what you are having problems with.

An understandable assumption is this, when you are exporting Suppliers, you are expecting the exporting of all details relating to the Suppliers. There is nothing to imply that the export is limited to only the current screen contents.

As stated, the address is displayed on the Suppliers screen but the exporting is limited to a screen dump only.

I have attached a few screen shots, I’m not sure if you mean what shows on the export screen or what shows on the screen in the record. I have provided both and both records with the import screen. The one customer I screen shot with the address, I did that using custom fields but made them not visible on printed items.

I meant the export and the listing in the Customers or Suppliers tabs. What you posted is out of order but sufficient. Everything looks to be working correctly:

  • Your first screen shot shows a preview of the TSV file being imported to a spreadsheet. It’s for your supplier, 1 and 1 Hosting. And it shows exactly the same information listed onscreen from the Suppliers tab in your third screen shot.

  • Your second screen shot shows the Customers tab listing for a customer, Healthy Heart Beats. This information exactly matches your fourth screen shot, the import preview.

Actually, 1 and 1 Hosting is set up as a supplier, not a customer. And your fifth screen shot shows that no custom fields have been created for suppliers.

But back to your original questions about transferring from QuickBooks. It is not clear why you are trying to export from Manager if your goal is importing from QuickBooks, unless you are doing the export only to obtain the template for importing. I’ll assume that must be what you are doing. So your problem, on the basis of what you have posted, seems related to confusion over who is a supplier and who is a customer, plus the fact that custom fields for one do not carry over to the other. They must be separately defined.

But again, Manager looks to be functioning correctly. You just need to finish the setup.

My problem was that the customers and suppliers address do not import. I created the exports so that I would have a template of the information that was being imported and the address is not a field that exports or imports.

Importing customers and suppliers is very hard without their addresses.

First, from what you have posted, it doesn’t look like you have created custom fields for address lines, city, etc., for suppliers.

Second, have you arranged the exported data from QuickBooks into exactly the same format as the export from Manager? You cannot expect Manager to extract address, city, and state, and zip code from a single field. It can only do a one-to-one, direct mapping.

What you are encountering is a universal problem when migrating between accounting systems. Most companies have to hire experts to write custom transfer software to rebuild data bases when they switch. No-one has any incentive to make it easy to leave. :wink:

Ok, the one screenshot with the customer name wanda moore has custom fields for the address (per screenshot)
I have arranged the data by completing one entry and exporting (per Brucanna) then copying and pasting my data into the exported file.
Oh and Quickbooks does not place the address data into one field, Manager does. (per screenshot of Quickbooks original export file)

I’m not understanding your purpose with your posts, I only asked a very simple question which was answered by Brucanna, then I bought up a very valid flaw in the program which was reproduced by Brucanna. You have done nothing but confuse the whole issue, I stated in my last post that the only problem I had was importing addresses and to see if anyone else have found a solution, since I’m new to using this program. I would very well purchase another program not hire a programing team to fix this.

You have a nice evening, there is no need to respond back. Thank you

My purpose was to help you find answers to the multiple problems you implied you had. As this thread developed, things you said were not matching screen shots you posted. The biggest difference was your complaint that you couldn’t get supplier addresses to import, so I tried to point out that you don’t have any custom fields under suppliers as you do under customers. Whether or not true, you seemed to have conflated the two.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly what a new user is confused about as he or she comes to grip with the program, especially if they are migrating from another that set various expectations. But if, as you maintain now, you only had one question and it’s been answered, all is well.