Importing Bank Statement

Would be awesome if we could import tax amount and account as well. When I convert my CSV to Qif it gives me an opportunity to save Type and category type being tax(15%) category being Sales etc
I use to convert my csv

Your comment is unclear. Import what tax amount and account?

I figured it out my client registered for GST 1/2 way through the year and these transactions had a column in the csv file with 15% next to it I was hoping to be able to import bank statement with the 15% but I carn’t so will go back through each traction and re code.

Might be good when we put in new tax code that it gives us an option from date so all transactions from that date forward has tax

How would this help if application of the tax code depends on registry status of the customer? Exactly what you are trying to do still isn’t clear. But it sounds like you are manually performing a function a bank rule will do automatically on statement imports. When you define a bank rule, you can include a tax code.