Importing bank statements

wondering if you can add extra criteria/conditions on bank import as sometimes the same description needs to go to two different accounts. Is it possible to add one with an amount, equal to or less or greater than?

Also I found with CSV imports they weren’t working when the date reads 1/07/2016 to 9/07/2016 at the top of the csv list. This is because numbers 1-9 are not saved as 01-09. Therefore I just reversed the order so that 31/07/2016 became the top of the list and bingo worked first time as the system then recognized the format.

Bank rules cannot split transactions yet but it is planned.

As for CSV, I will be probably getting rid of CSV support and will ask users to copy & paste bank transactions from spreadsheet program. There are constantly some issues with CSV because every bank is doing it differently.

So the way to import CSV will be to first open the file in spreadsheet program, fix any issues manually (e.g. rename columns, fix date format etc) to make it compatible with Manager and then copy & paste.

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Alternatively use QIF format, never seems to have a problem