Important question about inventory locations and multiple warehouses

I need to start using multiple inventory locations. My question is if I can ever screw up the system wide item quantities by playing around with these locations. if I understand correctly, the only way of changing quantities is by doing a transactional operation. The warehouse location quantities run on a separate system from the main accounting and are for your information only / will not impact accounting. Is this right?

No, they are part of the main accounting.
If you do any “screw ups”, either delete the cause or do another Inventory Transfer.

The problem for me is that all product quantity details say this:

Quantity on hand 3
Less: Quantity to be delivered to customers
Main Customer 1

Total 2

The total is always correct, but none have actually been delivered. I am worried that introducing locations will further complicate this. I only use one customer account, what is the best practice to get quantities allocated and not considered to be delivered?

You have to create a delivery note to have the inventory show removed or delivered to customer. If you invoice without creating a delivery note the inventory will show “Less: Quantity to be delivered to customers”.

Is it safe to use it like this without the delivery notes? I thought it was like this for everyone until the delivery notes were introduced recently.

If you don’t activate the Delivery Note tab, then you don’t have to use them.
Once you activate the Delivery Note tab, then you do have to use them.

To de-activate go to Customise and then un-tick the Delivery Note box but you must delete any created Delivery Notes first.

Got it, thanks for that. If I want to use them, would I have to retroactively go through all my invocies and create delivery notes and goods receipts, or is there a way to do all adjustments on one transaction each? I only have one customer.

As I understand it - no, it will only apply from that point on.

I agree with @Brucanna, based on my understanding. However, I haven’t done what you describe personally. Even if you have to catch up with past transactions, you could do it with consolidated clearing entries. You don’t need to be able to track which location inventory was in that has already been sold. You only have to update the quantities now in each location.

How do you make consolidated clearing entries @Tut? I haven’t been able to find that in the help section.

In exactly the same way that was previously shown to you in the release topic

There is nothing written about consolidated clearing entries in that article

You need to create that spreadsheet to consolidate the inventory movements and then enter the totals into a single Delivery Note

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Thanks a lot, that’s what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Dear all,

Where can I see inventory breakdown per location? I am able to see quantities per location for individual SKUs, but I haven’t found a way to view all inventory available at a given location. Is this feature missing?

I’m also interested if the respective functionality is available.
Thanks in advance!

@PopAlexandra, you’re responding to an almost two-year-old thread. Much of it is obsolete. Read the Guides about Inventory. Start with the 3-Guide series on how to manage inventory. Then ask specific questions.

Also, please keep personal information and links off the forum. Yours have been removed.