Consignment Orders - Transfer of Inventory

I supply inventory to companies on a Consignment basis. I need to be able to track the number of items at each customer’s premises as well as what I have left in my local warehouse. I have tried to do a transfer of Inventory but it still does not specify where that inventory is, it just gives me the total.
How do I track consignment stock? I can’t do a sales invoice because the stock only gets paid for once it sells, so it’ showing that I have the inventory on hand when I actually don’t as it is at the client’s premises.
Any thoughts?

Yes, but bear with me as I take you through the steps.

  1. Activate the “Delivery Notes” tab under customise.

  2. Create for each Customer who receives consignments a new Customer account

  3. Create a Delivery Note for the items on consignment

  4. Clicking on the Inventory Item’s Qty figure will display

  5. If the amount of Inventory on consignment with a Customer changes, then just edit the existing Delivery Note by updating the date and changing the quantities so any consignment Customer only ever has a single Delivery Note in their name - if you like a rolling consignment stocktake.

  6. You don’t have to separate a Customer into two, I just did it here as part of the illustration, but the single consignment Delivery Note must be maintained. If you only run one Customer, then if they sell any Inventory just issue a Sales Invoice without having to adjust the inventory between normal customer and consignment customer. Having a single Customer means that consignment Inventory wont stand out when you click on Inventory Qty

Actually the latest version won’t have Qty figure. It will have Qty on hand and Qty to deliver.

If you ship items to customers ahead of sale, the qty will decrease Qty on hand and Qty to deliver. Since you are delivering items to customers without selling them, Qty to deliver will be negative amount and that’s OK. Negative amount tells you quantity at customer site without being invoiced. You invoice these items to customer when customer reports them as sold.

That makes sense -thank you

if you have not enabled the Delivery Notes tab, selecting Inventory Location when making a sales invoice is already possible in Manager.

Thanks. In the sales Invoicing, can you select Inventory locations, Please let me know if this is possible

but first you need to have created Inventory Locations under Settings and disabled the Delivery Notes tab.

Thanks. I have done the Inventory Locations and disable the Delivery Note tabs. However, I do not see in the sales invoice a Inventory Location, can you advise?

what version of Manager are you using?
if you are using an older version try updating Manager.
the latest version is 17.12.11

Fantastic…Thank you. My headache is now gone. :sunglasses:

Sorry. How then Do i do a Delivery Note?

if you are using Delivery Notes, the Inventory Location can be selected there instead of in the sales invoice.

Looks, like it is either or. If I use Delivery note. How can I invoice to deduct the inventory from the warehouse Locations

“Either” Sales Invoices only and inventory locations are selectable there
“or” Sales Invoices & Delivery Notes and inventory locations are selectable within Delivery Notes only

To add one additional point to @Brucanna’s post, be aware that if you use delivery notes, you must create a delivery note every time you enter a sales invoice. Otherwise, the system will not reflect that the goods have been delivered. This will not be optional. So consider carefully before adopting delivery notes, because the decision has workload impacts forever. Since you can’t disable the Delivery Notes tab once it has been used, you will be stuck with the extra step.