Import Sales Quotes

Is there any way I can import Sales Quotes ? I generate sales quotes using my own software, but would like to transfer them into Manager.

It’s not possible unless you use API. Why are you generating sales quotes in different software? What this different software do in relation to sales quotes that Manager doesn’t?

It’s because of the way my business works. Each week, my (30+) customers order $20, $30, … worth of produce, and let me decide what I give them for that money. I then combine all these orders and work out a way to order from my suppliers. My supplier does not sell just any quantity I order, but only in crate size (eg 20 cabbages in a crate, so I can only order 20 or 40 or 60… cabbages at a time, but they will not keep until next week). The challenge now is to avoid wastage.

In order to avoid doing all this work by hand, I have written some software to do this for me. So, my software calculates how to best fill in the orders and minimize leftovers.

Now, I would like to import these orders into Manager so I can then convert them to invoices and keep track of stock and costs/profits.

I’ll have a look on the forum if the API can be of any help.