Importing inventory items and customers

I have thousands of inventory items with multiple prices based on retail trade and cost, and would like to be able to import these somehow, as well as customers details - previous sales and quotes as others have asked is not important to me as I can always go back to my old software if needed.

I understand that Manager does not support multiple prices yet - I would love to be informed when it does, and if as you have suggested we massage the fields in Excel or similar before import. Several database engines do have field matching facilities (i.e. assign old field name to the new one in your software) - out of interest how is the data stored in Manager? is it compatible with any dbase engine?

When you click New Inventory Item, you will see Import... button in top-right corner. This will allow you to copy & paste all your inventory items from spreadsheet and import them in bulk. The same process works for customers too. I’m planning to make importing function more prominent.

You are right that multiple price levels are not supported so when issuing new invoice, the unit price would have to be entered manually if the default one is not applicable. Price levels is something that will be eventually added though.

Data is stored in proprietary binary format .manager. We don’t use any third-party library to persist data. Mostly to keep things simple. Obviously there is a trade-off to this, by using no-SQL in-house database, you can’t use standard database tools to query data stored in .manager format but we will be soon releasing API that will give more power and safety when dealing with raw data programatically than SQL would ever be able to.