Importing sales data using excel

Hi team,

I am selling using my own website and we have hundreds of orders per day.
Request you guys to develop a system whereby we can import all the sales directly into manager instead of having to retype all the stuff that is easily available in excel format. All sales are credit sales.
I have previously used other accounting software like peachtree and their system has this feature.

I think its a crucial feature.

I have already worked on other accounting software having this feature, in case you guys need any help designing the import file and import process, let me know.

Best regards


What is the status of this question? We need to have a solution for this issue too.



You cannot import sales transactions.

As mentioned by Tut there is no direct import functionality.

However, you may be able to achieve what you want using the REST API, which is only available on the Cloud and Server Editions of Manager.

Visit [yoursubdomain] after signing up for a Cloud instance, in order to access the API using the administrator account. As long as you’ve got some data in there (you can use the sample business Northwind) it should be self-explanatory, just hire a local web developer to perform the import for you.