Import sales & purchase invoices

Do you have plan to developing feature for importing sales & purchase invoices (like importing bank)? It would be useful for data migration.

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You can now do this with batch operations.

Batch operation? Please describe me how ?

Read the Guide about Batch Create. Your software must be up to date.

I have read the guide but when I try to batch create a purchase invoice, I am confused by it.

The amount of columns for information doesn’t make sense to me and I am not sure what column is for what.

Can anyone offer some help?
My purchase invoices have The following columns

  • Code
  • Description
  • Qty
  • Unit price
  • Discount
  • Amount

If I have an invoice with 100 lines on it, can’t I just import or copy and paste 100 codes (that are already inventory items) into the purchase invoice and then the program auto populate the form from the information that is already stored in the program?

I tried to work out what the columns were for so I selected batch update from the Suppliers/Purchase Invoices screen. I selected copy to clipboard and then paste the info into excel. Most of the information means nothing to me and I can’t even see where information such as the Item Code is.

Below are examples of what is in the pasted information. It doesn’t even seem to be individual purchase invoices


Those are only the ones you see on a finished document. The program uses others.

No. There is no information “stored in the program.” The program calls a separate data file, and you need to provide the information to populate that file.

The 32-character hexadecimal strings are keys that designate, for example, subsidiary ledgers. Without knowing which key belongs to which suppliers and inventory items, you cannot use batch operations.

No one said batch operations were easy, and they are especially difficult for invoice creation with multiple lines. A 100-line invoice is a near impossibility unless you automate the process. The developer has promised that future improvements will replace the hexadecimal strings with plain language. For now, we are where we are.