Can i enter purchase invoice withe excel

i have an excel invoice that has more than 150 item i already enter the item code and price in the inventory but i need help with import the invoice if it possible

You need to use the batch create function.

All the fields of a single invoice should be contained in 1 row, with lines separated by a carriage return char(13) followed by a line feed char(10).

In newer versions of excel, you can use the following formula to combine multiple lines in a single cell:


Heads up! This isn’t a trivial task by any means and requires a certain level of spreadsheet skills in order pull off successfully. But it’s not the hardest thing in the world.

Which begs the question: why do you create external invoices and then copy them to Manager? Why not create them in Manager to begin with?

This seems to defeat the whole purpose of using an accounting software.


That was my thought, exactly. Creating a purchase invoice via Batch Create would be harder than doing it manually, considering all the spreadsheet manipulation you would have to perform.

thanks a lot i will tray it
as i said it is a purchase invoice so i get it like this and i ask if there a way to be easy for me

Was your purchase preceded by a purchase order? If so, you can simply copy the purchase order to a purchase invoice. See the Guide: Use the Copy to function | Manager.