Is it possible to import purchase invoices?

Is there any way to import data into purchase invoices, rather than typing them all in one by one?

I have a whole list in excel / csv format that I am looking to import into Manager.

Currently it’s not possible to import purchase invoices. So far the import has been implemented only for bank statements, inventory items, customers and suppliers.

Has the possibility to import purchase invoices been implemented yet?

@lubos is it been implemented already or not yet? i want to import some invoices only instead of full backup import.

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If Imports of sales and purchasing invoices would be available into manager , that would be a revolutionary milestone! I’m looking forward to see this option in future! :slight_smile:

The difficulty with implementing something like this is that purchase invoices are your business’ representation of a sales invoice from a supplier. And there is no standard content, let alone a standard format for sales invoices around the world.

Can this be reconsidered again please.

I can have my purchase invoices in excel format and manipulate the data to match a format to suit Manager.
It would be good to be able to import purchase invoice data as I often get invoices with hundreds of lines and it is very time consuming to manually enter each line.

Even if it were possible just to import a list of item codes so Manager could pull the data from the inventory database.

anyway at all of importing data for purchase invoices would be a huge help and time saving feature.

I currently have 4 purchase invoices to enter of which the smallest one has 201 lines of inventory items.

Some way of importing this info would save me about a days work.

As previously mentioned, even if it was just to enter the codes so that the items could be automatically looked up and the invoice populated with the different lines, it would save a lot of time. I could go and change qty etc if needed but if there was a way to batch add the items into an invoice, like batch updating stock, that would be great.

PLEASE consider adding this feature soon Lubos :slight_smile:

If your Purchase Invoices are for similar Inventory Items, then you could create “master” Purchase Invoices without quantities and then Clone a master when you need to enter a Purchase Invoice.

Give the masters a future date so it always at the top of the list.

No, usually very different items unfortunately.
Many items are only ever bought once as they are limited editions and never again available.

It would be good if there was an option to copy and paste like batch creating inventory items or to import a csv file.

Now there is. If you don’t see it, update your software.

Thank you, is there a short set of instructions on using it?

Press batch create
Export the template
Compile the template
Import it

If you want some example on how it should be compiled export your already existing invoices through batch update.

The column names don’t make sense to me and I tried exporting an invoice and that data didn’t make sense either :frowning:

For example, I would have thought that the column named “From” would be the supplier name but the data doesn’t make any sense.
Here is just some of the data under that heading.

It’ s a relational database.

They are the keys of the lines of the table they refer to. In your case the table of the suppliers.

If you export also the table of suppliers you will see that each supplier has a key. The invoice recall this key.

Be aware that the features are undergoing change. The Guide may be temporarily out of date on some specifics. It takes up to 24 hours for changes to appear on the Guides web site.

No, when I export my suppliers there is no such data - refer screenshot.


I went to a supplier that only has one purchase invoice against them, as per screenshot, and selected Batch Update.

When I paste the data into excel, this is the data that I get

I can’t make sense of it.