Import Sales invoices including Tax code, possible?

Our scenario is a bit different, mainly my clients are workmen/ trades people. They do not like computers and loose paper a lot. I will not do invoicing for them either, as it is too much hassle.

The OCR I have been provided with, and we have been playing around with it for some time now does not involve mapping, simply click and go, no format to set no nothing. and it has worked 80% of the time even on certain handwritten invoices.

Where this software stores the values it gets from the handwritten invoices? It should have a sort of DB under.

Must have something, he asked what we need exporting, and we identified, date + tax amount + total + supplier + invoice number. and for every click we do it just picks up this data ready and makes it ready to export, you still need to checkout each record but it work most of the times.

Where does it stores the data it gets?

a database of some sort i suppose, but the thing is it does not set an invoice design parameters, so date whether it is on the left or right, top or bottom of page it will pick it.

Ok. So why not interface the batch create functionality to this database? Invoices are basically linked to three tables:

  1. Client/Supplier
  2. Chart of Account
  3. Tax Codes

So you will need to map the UUIDs of these three tables.

Will be trying it out, will be organizing a sheet for each company as it seems. This could be much easier if we could setup just one company export the settings and import as “custom localisation”. I wonder if it works the same in the online version??

The online version is exactly the same of the local one. Or better, the local one is an online version run on a local server.

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