Inventory Batch Create to include Tax Code Preselected?

Just started using Manager program about three to four weeks ago and I having played with it I now feel familiar enough to start entering real business data and info. No matter what way I do this it is going to be time consuming, but every little bit of batch or auto work helps.

I have just under 1400 items of inventory on my very unwieldy spreadsheet, lots of extra info that has been bolted on over the years for loads of different things. Within Manger, I have already selected the UK 20% Tax code. All of my stock is sold inc vat apart from a few select items.

My question is: During my batch create / import of inventory, is there a way to get the program to change the default Inventory Item Tax Code within Inventory Items from “No tax” to my already selected under setting “VAT 20%” code.

I have only batch entered some 160 product lines so far, after checking that things are looking the way I want them, I have come across what will turn out to be a time consuming problem. I will have to go through each inventory item to change the default “No tax” drop box to “VAT 20%”. Is there a column title I can add to the inventory batch create headers where I can select a true or false [or similar] option for every product. This would then be quicker and easier to change the non vat items manually if I could get all other items to show the “VAT 20%” drop down box field as the default.

If I have missed something within settings or initial set-up where this can already be preselected as default, I am very open to suggestions and guidance in how to achieve this.

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Importing inventory items with tax codes is not yet supported. It will be added soon.

Thank you lubos for clearing that one up, looking forward to the inclusion of this feature in a future update, although I suspect I will have all of my inventory pretty well sorted by then - heyho.

I will assume the options for this will be the same as other batch create / update routines in that we will be able to batch update tax codes in inventory already entered should the tax codes change in the UK

Much more to discover within this program, but liking what I have used so far. A breath of fresh air compared to previous confusion and over-complexity within Sage Line50 [in a previous job long time ago] - Manager is so very easy to navigate and is fairly simple to self learn - nice one :slight_smile:

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The latest version (16.4.71) supports tax codes in batch create and batch update but you need to sort of figure out what to enter there in spreadsheet.

If your tax code is GST 10%, you can’t just enter this (at least not yet). Instead you need to put into fields 32 character GUID string which represents the tax code internally in Manager. I know it’s not ideal but at least tax codes can be updated in batch for now.

Is the table which translates the 32 character GUID string into taxe amounts available?

The best way to find GUID string is to create one item which contains this tax code. Then do Batch update so you can see what this GUID string is. Then it’s easy to replicate to all other items on spreadsheet.