Import of Bank Statement failed after update to Release 18.10.78

I installed the latest release over my old release. The data is still there but the customization are gone, which is not a big problem, but if I want to import a bankstatment and choose a csv file and press “next” it shows me the message “HTTP Internal Server Error - The Website can not display the page”. What’s the problem here?

You need to explain this in more detail. Your accounting data and customizations of the program are all in the same business data file. Nothing was ever in the program itself. Very likely, what you are seeing is the result of feature improvements in the program. But nothing has been taken out. Over time, some features have moved or been combined. When that has happened, though, data has been preserved in an automatically updated business file. It is impossible to know without more information.

As for your error message, what edition are you using, desktop or server?

Probably program issue. Never had this problem error before. If it does relate to importing bank statemenet issue, it would have return error relating to the file (csv) instead ‘http’ or ‘webserver’ error.

Thanks for your feedback. You might be right with regards to the customization. I was initially not sure, how this works, I was actually looking for an update, but there is only the possibility to download the complete new program to install. A feature in the program to update from the support section would help to do that on a more regular basis.
My bigger problem is the import of bank statements. I downloaded and installed the the latest version available 18.10.78, but I just realized, that the desktop program shows me now 18.10.86. How is that possible? Unfortunately the import of bank statements shows the same problem.

Thanks, I think the same. I am just surprised that I am the only one facing this problem, if it is a program issue.

That is correct, like almost every application in the world. There are no partial updates.

The latest version is always available here: Manager advances very rapidly, sometimes by multiple releases in a day. You have not given enough information to know how, when, or from where you downloaded what you thought was version 18.10.78, but somewhere along the way, you installed 18.10.86.

Please post a screen shot of the error message.