Import from filemaker

Hi there! I would-be like to import a database from FileMaker. What do I export The database to and hoe does manager recognitie The file?
Cheers, Jan

Manager can not import data from other systems as such

There is a batch update using csv files - see here Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager

There is also the possibility of using an API if you have the IT skills available

In addition to @Joe91 comments you could experiment a bit with importing csv files that you create with Manager into a new Filemaker pro instance. This may help with how Manager differs in the way it handles data from filemaker. Maybe through queries you could put data from the filemaker database you have into the new instances and then export these as csv ready to import into Manager.

Alternatively you export your database to different spreadsheets and copy and paste relevant data in the batch create worksheets (follow instructions on batch create).

Most importantly is to first setup Manager properly, enable tabs, create a chart of accounts, use control accounts etc, before any import attempts.