Import from QuickBooks

Is it possible to import data from other software such as Quick Books or Express Invoice?

Depends what you are trying to import. You can import list of customers, suppliers, inventory items.

If you are asking if Manager can import Quickbooks file as it is, then the answer is no.

are there plans to be able to import quickbook files

There are many Quickbooks editions and many versions. There might be companies who might offer such conversion but I doubt there will ever be fully automated tool but one never knows.

More than happy to prepare data for import. Are there any documentation on what is needed and how to import?

This will be interesting. I have some clients with Quickbooks data files around 3Gb.

Used to data transfer for large scale ERPs (e.g. SAP etc). Hardest part is mapping output of one system to input into another. Need documentation which seems to be lacking with Manager. Many tools available these days so actual conversion is not the bottleneck.

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Hi Lubos
Can it import invoices?

It can be done but requires some computer skills. So the question really is the you have the skills or willing to finance someone with the skills to do this. See MANAGER desktop "Import Business" - can it be done using excel - #2 by Patch
This post is a little out of date now How to batch import in manager - #11 by Patch

Hi Patch, What would the skills be? In general terms?

You need to manipulate your invoice data in Excel to get it into a format that Manager will recognise

This will probably involve writing some macros and using various lookup functions in Excel which would normally be beyond the capability of the average Excel user imho

How much would it cost then to import the sales records… open and closed invoices?

That is entirely up to anyone you might hire to do this. There is no support for such activity from Manager’s developer or the Manager community. And soliciting services violates the rules of the forum. Assistance provided here is free. See FAQ - Manager Forum.

You should also read Enter starting balances | Manager. There is really no reason to recreate historical records in Manager. And, except for unpaid invoices used to establish starting balances in Accounts receivable, the program will ignore them.

But you have belonged to this forum since 2015. Why are looking to import old invoices now?

I did belong since 2015, ut I wasnt so active. I came across Manager, But I recently started using the forum.

But I will definitely follow your advise. I wont take old historical data, just take in the Opening balances.

That involves the least work as automated importing tools for accounting and other programs, are very rare outside of mass market word processors and spreadsheets. There are advantages of having some history in Manager, but whether the effort justifies the benefit depends on individual circumstances Can I import data from Quicken? - #6 by Patch