MANAGER desktop "Import Business" - can it be done using excel


I recently started using MANAGER desktop (latest version) to manage personal accounts for income tax purpose

Until last year all our accounts (P&L and Balance Sheet) were created and managed using excel

So I would like to understand if there is an option to “IMPORT BUSINESS” using my excel or a defined excel template which I can fill-up to capture opening balance for new FY

Or is there a way to convert my excel file into a compatible format, acceptable for “IMPORT BUSINESS” function?

In my last FY personal accounts I dont have customers, suppliers, purchase etc… but I have a long list of fixed assets, investments, debtors, creditors and loans

Look forward to valuable advice from community here and many thanks in advance.

Start by entering some of each manually. Both to see how time consuming it would be just to finish it this way and to help understand any automated method.

Next read the guides on batch create. You will need to look at your already entered data with batch update to understand the required format.

You will need to import data without dependencies first, just as when you enter the data manually, it has to be done in the same order.

Thanks Patch, will try ‘batch create’ function now.
Sounds like this should work.