Import Business Error In Server Edition

@lubos @Tut
I keep getting this error whenever I attempt to import a business: "The file you are trying to import is invalid".
My version is 20.2.34

It I realised it about an hour ago. 2020-04-02T20:00:00Z
A couple of days ago it worked fine.

Kindly assist.

You can send me the file you are trying to import to and I’ll have a look.

Where did the file you are trying to import come from?

If it is a backup of a business generated by a version of Manager later than 20.2.34, then this could be the reason for the error



Thanks Lubos for you assistance.
For some reason, I kept using the “Settings import” function instead of the “Business import” one located in the drop down options of “Add Business” button.