Import bankstatements and bank rules

Hi all

I have a question about importing bank statements and bank rules. I have been using this great functionality for well over a year, but it looks like with one of the latest releases something has changed. When using release 21.1.30, everything was still working, but yesterday I upgraded to 21.3.97 and my bank rules don’t work properly anymore.

The case:

I have an import file:

I know it’s not importing the value in the Payee column, but it has always just been ignored by the import. And that’s where I wanted to use the newly added Payer or Payee field in the bank rule.

But my issue is this: In the previous version 21.1.30 (without the Payer or payee field) I could still use the below bank rules.

After running the import it would perfectly assign the correct account and tax code for both lines in the same receipt. But now, using the latest version of Manager, the bank rule doesn’t seem to be able to recognize the description anymore. It still splits into 2 lines, but it’s not able anymore to assign account and tax code.

I tested with importing just 1 line and then it works fine.

Could it be that some functionality been removed?


Have you read this Bug topic

Thanks Brucanna

Sorry, I didn’t see that topic. And believe me, I did search the forum with multiple keywords before posting my question. Somehow I am not very good at searching forums…

That seems to be exactly my issue. I will keep an eye on that topic and mark your comment as a solution

Thanks again,