Payment Rules Not Working


I’ve read through a few other posts, and can’t find anything describing my simple (I think) problem.

I’ve got a few very basic bank rules (payment and receipt rules) set up, but they don’t work as I expect.

I only ever import bank statements (using OFX file), I only have a handful of rules so I expect this to be easy to troubleshoot.

Focusing on ‘payments’ only. I’ve got a few rules setup to match a keyword in the '…and description contains" field. 1 keyword per rule. When I import my statement, all new transactions are allocated to the suspense account, rather than the appropriate account based on the rule.

My rule is simple enough:

But it will not affect my imported transaction:

Anyone know how to get these going? Using version 22.1.59

Thanks for any help!

You are several hundreds of versions behind so you might want to first update the program, which version is 22.8.8 at the moment of writing this.

@lamensterms, you also need a payee. The transaction created by your payment rule would be incomplete.

Thanks for the replies Mark & Tut.

I think the problem was my method (or expectations). I had expected the transactions to be automatically processed after import. But doing a bit more digging and I found the summary screen where Manager shows which rule has been assigned to each transaction, but I still need to hit ‘Batch Update’ to complete the process.

Total user error and just unfamiliarity with the software. I recall on the previous version I was using… I was automatically taken to the ‘summary screen’ after importing transactions, that’s what I was missing this time around. This screen:

Found it now, and I can see that the program does link my rules to the transactions!

Thanks a lot for your help

Once used you will notice that there is great benefit for an approval stage before committing anything. Rules do not always apply well and you can correct them before all is being committed and only can be rescued with history restores.

Thanks eko.

I certainly agree the approval stage is valuable - I’d just forgotten how to access it haha.

When you say “only can be rescued with history restores”, are you referring to editing transactions after they have been imported and committed? I believe it is easy to modify a transaction, well after import. Am I missing something?

Of course you can edit them one by one, but assume you imported 2,000 transactions, it is easier to click on history and click on one of these transactions as all that where related are automatically included. Then click on undo and all 2,000 entries will be gone and you can do a fresh import.

Ah yes, I see what you mean. Thanks for the explanation!