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Not sure whether this is related to the Bank Rules in Bugs.
Up until recently the bank statement import using bank rules was working just fine. Now I find that when importing bank account all entrys now have the same bank rules account. When I change the first entry ( or any entry) in bank rules to the correct account then all entries, then have the same account. So at each entry I need to go into bank rules change the account go back to the first screen post it then go keep repeating.
Screenshot 1 sows the first screen then when I change the bank rule and return the scond screeshot shows the result. ( I have searched forum and guides to sort this but to no avail. )

Screenshot -1

Screenshot - 2

I am using Win 10 and Manager V 21.6.17
Many thanks for any guidance or help.

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This may be related to the elimination of Bank Rules under Settings and substitution of Receipt Rules and Payment Rules. I recommend visiting those pages in Settings and making sure your rules are still what you want. You may have rules that were “orphaned” by the change. The good news is that rules are now more powerful. See the Guides:

Hi Tut

Thanks for that. Just a question, would it be wise to delete all the rules in bank rules, then start and rebuild again, or could this have disastrous consequences.

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No consequences. But no need, either. Just review and edit if necessary.

@Grandpa, did review/edit fix the problem?

Hi Tut,

Yes it did, thank you.