Import Bank Statements CSV Not Supported

Hi all.

CSV should be support but when I try import this under import bank statement it tells me that it is not a supported file. Anyone know how I can resolve this?


CVS is the least reliable format, does your bank offer any other format
It must be in comma separated value format not a spreadsheets file format
Cash and Bank Transactions : Import bank statements


  • Open the file in a text editor to see what it actually contains
  • Check heading line
  • Check date formats
  • Check decimal separator

Failing that post an example file which is not working for you on the forum (edit so to contain no private data but still not importing.

Also search the forum. This subject has been covered many, many times. Other users have sometimes explained how they overcame their problems.

It would be nice if the documentation for bank imports could show an example of a valid csv import file should look like. I am experiencing the same issue as the first poster and so far has been unable to resolve it. If I had a valid file I could compare to it would make it easier.

An illustration would be useless. Most import problems with CSV files are caused by invisible cell formatting issues caused when the user opens them with a spreadsheet application or saves them—after modifying them—as something other than a CSV file. Those problems would not be revealed comparing your file to a picture, which would also not be a CSV file.

Based on my experience it is much easier and less error prone to open the CSV in Excel, transform it in the batch create format and input it in Manager.

It seems the trick in my case was with date formatting. Contrary to what the official documentation states the dates in the import file seems to require format

Sorry for the delayed reply. I am now uploading .qif files and all seems to work fine.