Ideas for a work around for find and recode

Ok I have down loaded a clients bank statement for a year.
Normally I do bank rules for the obvious things, then go in to find and recode pop in suspense and tick off all the sales and recode to sales then do the same with other expenses.
But find and recode is not there and baulk up date is not an option as I don’t know the key field to all the expense accounts. I have 9 pages to recode it will take for ever to go in and edit every single transaction.
Note: I am not a book keeper so please dont say there should be purchase orders for every expense… I am a tax account and do year end accounts and tax returns on the data the client gives me

I don’t think there is a workaround other than Batch Update until the function is restored. There is a bug report: Find and recode button missing.

Thanks Tut, Yes I saw there was a bug. I was hoping it would be fixed by now its right on tax time and I have 280 clients I do this for . Was also hoping some one would have a work around. If I used batch up date is there a way I can get a list of keys for the expenses accounts

wonder if I went on another computer and down loaded an older version of manager and coded that way and then did batch update. Do you think that might work?

Go to Settings >> Chart of Accounts and click each account’s Edit button. The GUID is shown in small grey text in the upper right corner. Copy and paste into a spreadsheet. Tedious, but it works. You will have to go through all the accounts for 280 clients.

Yes. You only need to go back to v21.3.96, before Receipts & Payments was split apart. Or you can hope for a fix, depending on your deadline.

@Wornout, this function was restored in v21.4.75.

Hi @Tut got it now all downloaded . @lubos did an amazing job to get it fix
and so much easier having 2 tabs because I now don’t have to go through and pick out all the sales I know everything in the receipts tab is sales (after a quick check) and everything in the payments tab is an expenses. Loving it manager just gets better and better