Account errors in Find & Recode function

Accounts to which transactions are currently posted are not showing correctly when using the Find & recode function. There seem to be at least two related problems:

  • If inventory or non-inventory items are include in the receipt or payment, the account is listed as Suspense. Here is a receipt:

    and here is how it shows up when recoding:

    The problem is independent of bank account, currency, or tax code. Yet the Summary page shows nothing in the Suspense account:

    Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 12.07.27 PM

  • If the first line item on the receipt is posted to a different account (by deleting the inventory item and choosing another account), leaving everything else unchanged, here is the result:

    But, if the receipt is edited again to include an inventory or non-inventory item, the recoding list does not change back. The account remains as it was. (In this example, it remains as Sales despite the receipt’s account changing back to Inventory - sales.)