Account errors in Find & Recode function

Accounts to which transactions are currently posted are not showing correctly when using the Find & recode function. There seem to be at least two related problems:

  • If inventory or non-inventory items are include in the receipt or payment, the account is listed as Suspense. Here is a receipt:

    and here is how it shows up when recoding:

    The problem is independent of bank account, currency, or tax code. Yet the Summary page shows nothing in the Suspense account:

    Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 12.07.27 PM

  • If the first line item on the receipt is posted to a different account (by deleting the inventory item and choosing another account), leaving everything else unchanged, here is the result:

    But, if the receipt is edited again to include an inventory or non-inventory item, the recoding list does not change back. The account remains as it was. (In this example, it remains as Sales despite the receipt’s account changing back to Inventory - sales.)

I fixed these issues in the latest version (20.10.86) by simply not showing line items already categorized to items. Find & recode is really old feature that needs to be rewritten from ground up. Ideally supporting all transaction types, not just bank payments and bank receipts, having more flexible search and recode options etc.

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Looking forward to that.
“Batch update” is inherently very powerful but also more complex due to:

  • The difficulty in always ensuring compatible data interpretation between Manager and whatever spreadsheet program a user chooses to use.

  • Multi-line transactions are more difficult to manipulate in spreadsheet programs

As the saying goes “It is human to make errors but to really stuff things up you need a computer”