Feature request : Find & recode feature for cash transactions

I am a regular user of find & recode feature but it is limited to bank transactions only at the moment. I never suggest feature which I can have a workaround of, but it seems find and recode for cash transaction is inevitable now as more and more complicated situations are arising.
@lubos Please oblige. Thanks

As a workaround, will it be wise to convert my cash account to bank account and then use find and recode?

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I would not. The account will be reported incorrectly on your balance sheet and other reports. And you will have problems with any custom fields.

It might be worth testing (in a backup, not on the main business file) whether temporarily converting to a bank account would work.

If it is possible to convert to bank account, run find&recode, then convert back again … and custom field data has not been lost … there’s your workaround.

But definitely test it first.

Eventually Batch Update should be mature enough to replace Find & Recode and Batch update will always work across all tabs.

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