IDEAS - Custom Reports Implementation8

Dear @lubos,

I spent some time of my summer holidays dedicating it to Custom Reports. From time to time I made some requests that, added to my previous ones, I try to summarise in one single post. I think they will increase the usability of Manager and, the last one of them, will make possible to implement business intelligence without the need to have access to the DB (Excel Power Query and BI). Here they are:

  1. add the possibility to choose between AND and OR under WHERE section
  2. add multiple level of groupings under GROUP section
  3. expose the UUID fields of the different tables
  4. expose the sublevels of CONTROL ACCOUNTS (ie Clients of Accounts Receivable, Suppliers of Accounts Payable and so on)
  5. add correct and coherent (with the setting of the software) formatting to the CUSTOM FIELDS listed (numbers, dates and so on)
  6. add sums also to CUSTOM FIELDS in number format
  7. makes sums of numbers optionals
  8. expose all the fields of capital accounts
  9. add the new API activated by adding .json extension to the URLalso to custom reports

In general, if possible add an expert mode, in which write queries as a string in standard SQL language without visual interface.

Thanks for your dedication to the software and the community


Good ideas