Custom Reports

Lubos…will there be some guidance/tutorial on using this feature?


I guess this is also another feature that requires the user to be a computer programming Savvy. Just like the HTML thing. Lol

The description of this update says “SQL-like language” which needs to be defined.

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Sorry, there is an operator in SQL called “SQL LIKE”. My apologies. An example or two might be helpful to me as a starting point. Thanks.

There will be soon documentation which will describe data structure for SQL queries. The feature is being used by limited amount of users for now, I’m still trying to figure out a few details.

Oh, and why SQL? It’s the most common query language for relational data.

Everybody will be able to create simple queries. For more complicated ones, you would need some help if you are not comfortable with SQL.

The idea behind custom reports is to close the gap when people complain Manager doesn’t have a report they need. With SQL queries, you will be able to create any report you like.

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Is this the feature that will be used for making country specific tax return reports?

@lubos Thanks for this, and if you want another beta tester for the existing documentation, let me know. I’m plenty familiar with SQL :-).

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Hi @lubos

I can help to test custom reports, as I have many to create. Could you please share the database structure?

Any update guys?

ill be waiting fo it. thanks @lubos

Documentation for data structures and examples of SQL queries will be available next week.



Where the guide, i have been wait for it. took so long… :smile:

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This may be the answer to my query regarding the “Statement of Financial Performance”?

Is there some documentation somewhere?

Hi Lubos,

Have you already published this documentation (data structures and examples of SQL queries)?
If yes, where is it available?

Is this available now.

I began to play with Custom Reports, trying to discover some of the database structure and I could go through very basic queries like:
SELECT * FROM Customers
SELECT * FROM Employees
SELECT * FROM Suppliers
If this will give us access to all the data in Manager that will be great!

I have some suggestions:

  1. Currently, you have to paste your SELECT query each time in the text field (there is no way to store the query under a report name for later use)
  2. Please add the Print and Export to .TSV buttons, currently you can only see the results on screen.
  3. Please make each custom report capable of having multiple query sections (to implement for example header data, body data, footer data)
  4. if possible, allow queries to have JOINs, ORDER BY, etc.

Thanks for your great work Lubos!

And please share the database structure


@martro, Export button was actually just added a few minutes ago.

ORDER BY should be already working too.

As for JOINs, I’m going to do a little spin on this one. Manager will automatically do joins for you.

For example, if you want to know list of customers who have bought particular inventory item within last 6 months, you will be able to do something like this:

SELECT SalesInvoice.Customer.Name
  FROM SalesInvoiceLines
 WHERE SalesInvoice.Date > DateTime.Today.AddMonths(-6) AND InventoryItem.Code = "ABC0001"

Basically when selecting from SalesInvoiceLines table, you will be able to go deep into fields such as SalesInvoice.Customer.Name without using any JOIN expression.

This is because unlike generic SQL, Manager knows relationships between your data so there is no need to tell Manager what it already knows.


Good stuff. Anything by way of a schema available or even just list of tables?


Hi there, can someone provide the link of this documentation? I can’t find it. Many thanks