Request: Custom Report

is this possible to export SQL Scheme and SQL Query
we have some difficulties of using Custom Report
some reports we need to combine data from Sales Invoice and General Ledger Transactions but current custom report allow only one table per report
group by allow only one level
if manager can allow SQL Query for us, it will be more easier for us to generate some reports
Thank you for your kind consideration

Manager database is not stored in normalized relational database. The way I see it now is that custom reports are the way to go - the interface is available in all languages and it’s more intuitive (visual) than plain SQL.

I recognize custom reports are nowhere near its full potential. There is new version of custom reports I’m working on which should be exposing all the data Manager has.

The best way to get what you need is to outline what specific report you need Manager to be able to generate. I can tell you whether new version of custom reports will be capable of generating such a report. I’m confident it will.