Idea (sales invoice): last unit price for the customer to appear in grey

Manager team: This is idea suggestion that when we create a new sales invoice, input the customer and the item that is being sold, Manager retrieves the last sale price for that item in the “unit price” field (greyed out) for reference. This would help in knowing instantly the unit price at which the item was sold to the customer without going back to the sales invoices.

Inventory items have a “Sales price” field, which may have been over ridden during the last sale for this customer or the “Sales price” may have changed since the last sale for this customer.

There is the potential for different users to expect a different value displayed by default. I suspect many users may get confused if the default was not what they assume.

How were you intending these situations were handled to make it clear for other users?

Just to be clear, I am referring to the unit price for a particular customer that was invoiced the last time. It doesn’t change ie at any point in time, system retrieves the data from the last invoice for a particular customer.

It’s helpful in the sense that if I am selling item #123, say at a price of $60 to customer A and at a price of $50 to customer B and for whatever reason I end up mixing or confusing the prices between the two customers, it can be prevented by Manager showing this in the unit price field - greyed out. Hope this explains the business case for this idea.

many users will oppose this idea unless the UI of Manager is improved.
because with the current design, your suggestion can only be shown as a column which would annoy users who do not need it or unless the column can be customized to show what they need.

I am not suggesting a column to be added. There is already a field called unit price in sales invoice where we input sales price. My idea is to have that field pre-populated with the last unit price for that item but greyed out.

so what would happen to the sales price of the item set in Inventory Items? where would that be shown?

suppose, the unit price for an item in the previous sales invoice was 100 and you had also provided a discount, what amount will you expect Manager to show?

also, every user will have different needs. what if a user wants to show the purchase price of that item instead so that he can enter an increased rate? or a prior sale rate irrespective of customer? the possibilities are many.

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Ok, fair point.