In customer database need to have auto fill for price

Our nature of business is buying in full sheets as raw material and processed to the customer needs and sold on per SQCM. per SQCM will vary from customer to customer based on work involvement and the potential of the customer.
For example
Customer “X” will have the charge per square centimeter will 0.00X cents
Customer “Y” will have the charge per square centimeter will 0.00Y cents
like this every customer will have agreed price.
So if it on “Auto fill” in the customer data base will avoid error free invoice. Because sometime person makes mistake while invoicing.

If you don’t otherwise use Managers sales orders, have you tried creating a sales order with customer specific price list then using it as a invoice template for any actual sales.

No, I will try creating sales order and send you the feed back. My concern is on the customer data base will be a error free. After I saw the auto fill for due dates.

I can find how to make sales order

I assume you mean you cannot find how to make a sales order. See the Guide: Create sales orders | Manager.

This is not a trivial suggestion, because it could not be implemented only for the simple situation you describe. It would require a multi-dimensional price table of all inventory items versus all customers. Imagine a business with hundreds of customers and thousands of inventory items. This is not a matter of recording just one price for Customer X and another for Customer Y. Additionally, if such a feature were available, it would need to accommodate volume-based pricing tiers. And every time a new customer or inventory was added, the table would need to be revised.

In my type of business we work on agreed price for a customer even though there is various products. for us this concept will work.
That is X customer X price
Y customer Y price.

Sales order will not work for our nature of business.

Program features cannot be designed to meet the needs of only one company.

so many other companies would have been there similar to my business. I found the requirement only when I saw a “Auto fil Due date” why cant auto fill price

For example I sell only cement every customer based on credit or volume I will fix the price.
It may apply to other products also.

Once something is done from there other requirements or improvements will happened or can be modified

A due date requires only a single number for each customer. As I said before, your suggestion would require a multi-dimensional array. Your description of your business—only one product—is unusual and cannot be the basis for a feature to fulfill the needs of businesses in hundreds of other situations.

I wonder if it might be possible for each customer to have some kind of optional pricing factor. This would be a number by which all item prices are multiplied before being pre-filled into the price fields in forms. The default would be 1. This could satisfy a few user requests:

  • Discounts applied by default for certain customers – for example, if Customer A always gets 10% off the normal list price, their pricing factor would be 0.9. This does then raise the question of what to do if you want to display the discount as such on the form.
  • Pricing set per group of customers, as in this request – I think this would need to have customer grouping options, so that the pricing factor could be applied to groups of customers. The inventory prices could then be set at cost price, and the pricing factor could be 1.25 for those buying at cost plus 25%, 1.5 for those buying at cost plus 50%, etc.

I realise this might not fully satisfy @gils2368’s request, as he might be working with different factors for a single customer for different items, but depending on his needs it might get part of the way there while also satisfying other requests without needing a multi-dimensional pricing array.

This is somewhat related to being able to define pricing per currency. This could be implemented. Not sure which way I will take but this is valid feature request. Added to ideas.


Ah, yes. That was another use case I wanted to include in my post above. If customers are grouped by currency, it would be easy to choose an exchange rate for the day and use that as a pricing factor for all customers of a particular currency.

I think having multiple prices in Inventroy Items (preferably with custom fields so that new price groups could be introduced).Then selecting that price group as default price when creating customers would sovle most of these issues.

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I think adding two optional fields - ‘profit margin’ & ‘discount’ as dropdown menu in customers/suppliers would solve problems related to pricing for many users, where if ‘profit margin’ is selected for a customer, sales price in invoice will be calculated using predefined standard purchase price & ‘profit margin’, or if ‘discount’ is selected for a customer, new sales price in invoice will be calculated using sales price & ‘discount’; And if none of the two option is selected standard predefined sales price is applied.

Similarly for suppliers also we can define, as same inventory items can be purchased from different suppliers providing either different profit margin or different discounts on the same standard price.

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i will elaborate bit deep to understand more about the requirements
Product purchased below listed in Sqcm cost where the purchase price is different to each product, but the average cost of purchase will be more or less near.

  1. Product A = 0.06
  2. Product B = 0.068
  3. Product C = 0.07
  4. Product D = 0.05

My selling price will be A to D for

  1. Customer X will be 0.09
  2. Customer Y will be 0.10
  3. Customer Z will be 0.11

Hope you understand my need. might be similar needs to other customer also. That is why I want put auto fill in customer ID

Having multiple prices for an item would be a minefield - almost everyone would have a different idea on how to implement this feature.

IMHO, this would lead to such complexity that most users would not understand how to make it work for them.

I think the simpler the better and it doesn’t get much simpler than it is now

On selecting ‘discount’ user could be offered choice either to copy to line discount field or apply directly to sale price
This way users will also have the choice to keep sales price consistent across all invoices & just copy customers respective discount to their line discount field in invoice edit form