Idea: Localization Guide links

Localization guides should show on relevant screens when “Learn how to…” is enabled

To explain this further; Manager is used in many countries. The localizations are an excellent way of making Manager easier it uses in a particular country, complying with local requirements.

User actions to achieve efficient use of Manager in particular countries is already documented in the “Installation Instructions” for the localizations. While knowing the functionality of what you are about to import before you import it is useful, much of the information in these guides is actually more useful while using the features within Manager.

In particular the documentation for report transformation would be beneficial if readily accessible when using the imported report. Similarly the tax code information could supply useful information when selecting tax codes, particularity when a county has specific reporting and classification requirements. Examples of which are Reverse charge VAT, or multiple tax jurisdictions requiring multi-component custom tax codes or state taxes requiring custom tax codes. Clearly the guides on these topics don’t need to be reproduced however a country specific document with links to guides relevant for that country would decrease the learning curve for users. Typical account structure to simplify country specific reporting / paying could also be included (when known). While I am not suggesting Manager should provide a guide for every country showing how to comply with all local tax laws, I am suggesting where some information on customising Manager for specific countries is available, this information should be readily accessible.

For this to be achieved I suspect Managers localization update function may also need to update help topic links.

Once done the localization “Installation Guides” are likely to be partitioned into “Use Guides” and a generic Localisation installation guide.