Business Localization Guides

Few guides about Business Localization have been added to the site. I am guessing Saudi Arabia will be added to the guides soon, based on the forum topic. Should we do a forum post for each country, or there is a different workflow to create the localization?

Additions are being announced on the Releases page.

The need for separate Guides will depend on what might be involved in order to use the new feature. Sometimes, there is no setup—just a new report format. Other times (like the Australian PAYG report), every employee, payslip item, customer, or supplier might need editing to populate new custom fields.

Hm maybe I didn’t ask the question the right way: How will Lubos know what additions/setup are there to be made?

I think I see your concern. Are you asking about localization “projects” generated by users? If so, the answer to your question is that these will not automatically be broadcast to the world. @lubos will review and approve each one. That process will identify any new custom fields, etc., that are being added. The adoption process will be determined during the review, and the need for additional Guides will be decided at the same time.