Remove new guides and replace with old guides and update those

I would like to suggest to ditch the development of the new inferior guides,. These are far less useful given the very frequent references we give to them. It would be better to invest updating the old ones at or at least move the rich content of these to the new style.

Comparing items in the new guides with the same items in the old ones it is clear that the old ones provide more details and guidance with the new ones too abbreviated with errors, gaps and non-working links.


I suspect multi language is the issue.

Not sure how to fix that in all the images

As mentioned they should migrate the content and edit where possible. Indeed translation of content in images is a challenge and possible cause of delay.

Consideration should be given similar to UN and EU to using some main languages that capture most of the globe and do translations for these for images.

The cost of translating and maintaining guides in different languages would be substantial and most unlikely to be economically justified imho

Even with automatic translation, effort would be required to ensure the guides were correct

But that is what currently is being done at (select language top-left!). I prefer fewer languages and thus less effort and costs.

And you csn see how successful that is - the new guides are nowhere near as useful as the old guides

They have no examples, no screen shots just text - which is because it is easy to translate text automatically.

For new users, the new guides are just the same text as they see on the screen - but without any helpful commentary to put them into context

Exactly my point, and lot of value disappeared in the new guides that require using the former guides. It’s form over function. We keep referring back to the very useful but increasingly outdated old guides because the new ones just are not explanatory and complete enough. We actually got attracted to using Manager years ago because whenever searching on Google for something related to accounting next to accounting coach we found good explanations not only of software but also of the thinking. Somehow this extraordinary value is being sacrificed for a far more superficial and less helpful online guide with only benefit of extensive translations.


I fully concur. I like the design look of the new guides. Visually attractive, but at the end of the day, the whole point of the guides is to provide instructions for users. The old guides are far, far superior in this respect. I myself recently used the new guides to work out what to do with contributions for employer national insurance and frankly the new guides were no help at all. The old guides were a lot more helpful in understanding what to do, although admittedly I still needed to ask a question on the forum about it.

I don’t know whether AI could help with translation or what the exact delay is, but I am in full agreement that the manager website should revert back to the old guides until the new guides contain the same depth and breadth of information as the old guides. The new guides are too basic and not much no help. People are having to constantly hunt for the old guides to be helped.

I like the visual design of the new guides, but this is a classic failing of form over function. At the end of the day, the user wants to be helped, not wowed with aesthetics.