Work order creation?

Forgive me if this is an elementary question as I’m not an accountant and far from understand all of the logistics of accounting software. I do love this package for what I’ve begun using it for, which is primarily quotes and invoicing and I hope to grow into the rest of the features. This said, is it unrealistic to inquire about a method to create a job order based off a quote or invoice? For example: Customer gets estimate and approves it. We could then create a job order (less any pricing) for our employee to manufacture. Any information from the estimate/invoice such as customer info, description and quantity would carry over. We could then print/email to our manufacturing department. Again, I’m a novice and I may be thinking too much of an overall ERP system rather than just accounting software.

I think what you really want to use is Sales orders tab. When customer approves the quote, you can copy sales quote into new sales order which can be printed and emailed to manufacturing department.

Sales order can be then converted into sales invoice.

So the workflow would be like this:

Sales quoteSales orderSales invoice