Bulk update by one click

Hi Dears,

When the bank transactions are imported, setting bank rules are very efficient. I would like to ask that;

How could the bank rules applied to whole uncategorized transactions by one click? Maybe already implemented by developers but i can’t so far.

Currently, I click to the Bank accounts > Uncategorized > (On this page i should be activating the bank rules by clicking to bulk update for each page)

Is it possible to applying the rules to whole pages ?

Thanks in advance,

  • select the check box at the top of the list. (that will check all transactions entered correctly)
  • click bulk update

You do need to repeat this for each page

To be clear, @FerhatAL, there is a difference between applying bank rules and updating the database with the imported transactions. When you import a statement, all bank rules are applied across the entire group of transactions. No action is required except importing. If matches are found, the tentative postings are shown in the list, but all transactions technically remain uncategorized until you click Bulk Update. For details, read https://www.manager.io/guides/9240.