I am not able upload bank statement

Please help me to upload bank Statement , I am not able upload bank statement. i have done my best but cannot upload the statement

The red text explains it all. It can not find the column headers such as Date in the file you try to import. You can also search the forum for importing bank statements.

Please share link or explain me the process Please

Click on the “Choose File” to select the file you want to upload, then click next.

If that fails, Manager will only upload specific file types in specific formats. So more information on the file you are trying to upload would be required.

Select from Search results for 'import bank statement order:latest' - Manager Forum those topics that may get closest.

The guides at Import bank statements | Manager no longer display the column format as explained by @Lubos, because Importing Bank Statements with Reverse Values - #9 by lubos

Below is an example of column headings of CSV (comma delimited files) that work with the Manager import function:

Column headings are: Date, Reference, Payee, Description and Amount

You can now also import where Amount column does not exist but a Credit and a Debit column, i.e.
Date, Reference, Payee, Description, Debit and Credit.

Note that you should not have column totals.

I Have done all the efforts but i cannot upload the bank statement plz plz plz plz plz help me why i m facing the issue.

Please provide a screenshot like I did with header information of the columns

Well, there’s no click mark on the links @eko provided in post # 5 so it seems you didn’t read them, neither did you answer @Patch’s question in post # 4. I wonder what effort you are talking about?

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Thanks you So everyone for helping me, now the issue has been resolved

It would be courteous to us respondents and for other users that may face similar if you explain how your issue was resolved. Thank you!