HttpListenerException Error

Installed new version 19.5.75
Manager stopped starting.
Error is System.Net.HttpListenerException (0x800004005): This process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
at System.Net.HttpListener.AddAllPrefixes()
at System.Net.HttpListener.Start()
at HttpFramework.HttpServer.Start(HttpApplication httpApplication,Nullable’1 port, string hostname)
at ManagerDesktop.Program.Main(Stringargs)

Try to restart your computer. Does it fix the issue?

No. Still the issue continuous

The manager os using port 8080 now.
How can i change the same.

Are you referring to server edition?

It is desktop edition.
I am currently updated to 19.5.76

I had run the manager server.exe file.
It shows Manager is using port 8080.

Please reply earliest.

Was it working on that computer in the past? Where did you down load new versions from? How long ago did you install the prior versions / what version number was it? How did you install the manager upgrade:- the program and data are stored separately and both default to different locations for each computer user so it matters which computer user you were logged in as an where you choose to install the program and where your have chosen to store your data files? Are you trying to run server and desktop versions concurrently? Do you have another web server running on that computer? What computer operating system? Did you upgrade any other software at the same time such as antivirus? Have you tried uninstalling then re installing manager? Do you have a back up of your data file / business? Have you tried it on a different computer?

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I am using windows 10 64bit os. I was using manager from last six months. Previous manager version i was used seems to be 19.5.54 I have instatlled the version 19.5.74 then problem starts. I have tried installing & uninstalling the manager. I have also tried to updating new versions, but problem persists.

I had downloaded manager from websie on mobile. Then trnsferred the exe file to laptop & then run the installation. I have yet not tried to installing the manager on different computer.

I dont want to format my laptop. If any other option is available, i can try with it.
The problem i think i have identified is that the manager os using port 8080, which may be another application is using.

Please help me with solution.

I have currently updated the software to ver 19.6.2 but problem continued…

You have not supplied detailed information about this, but it could be the source of your problem. Manager is distributed as a bundle that includes a number of supporting files. If you transferred only an executable file, you undoubtedly left important things behind. There may also be files that don’t work properly except on the machine to which they are first downloaded. Try downloading directly to the computer where you will install it.

I have tried downloading on desktop direct also, but its not working.


Above is the error message i am getting

Do you have two installations of manager running such as a server and desktop version?
Restart your computer, login to your usual user, look at the task manger and see if manger is already running.

I have only one version is running and also only one user running. Taskmanager is showing only one process which is ManagerDesktop.exe

You may have a conflict with a windows update, do a system restore, select a point prior to the problem occurring.

I have been facing the same error on launching Manager Desktop version. The problem started when i accidentally executed “ManagerServer.exe”. Have tried everything, restarting system, re-downloading the package, uninstalling and reinstalling manager, updated till 19.5.26 but to no avail. For the time being I have installed manager on second machine and using the previous data files.

Is this on a Windows PC?

It may be that the server version is started automatically when windows starts - have you checked the services running?

Could you run netstat -a command and see if anything is listening on ?