Can't open Manger

I can’t open Manger after I update it to version 2018.10.59 from version 2018.10.20. The error message is as the following:

18.10.59: System.Net.HttpListenerException (0x80004005):
Access is denied
at System.Net.HttpListener.AddAllPrefixes0
at System.Net.HttpListener.Star0
at HttpFramework.HttpServer.Start(Httppplication httpApplication, Nullable '1 port, String hostname)
at ManagerDesktop.Program.Main(String0 args)

Can anyone tell me what caused that and how to solve it.

Many thanks.

What is your operating system?

Sorry, forgot to mention the operating system, which is Windows 10. Brower I am using is Chrome.

Could you try the latest version (18.10.63) whether it fixes the issue?

Hi Lubos! I installed the latest version(18.10.63) as you directed. Guess what? Problem is gone! I can open Manager now! Thank you so much for your quick reply and you are really a genius!

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