HttpListenerException Error

Yeah, but server edition by default starts on port 8080. Desktop edition is using port 55555. So this error wouldn’t be caused by server edition running.

I have checked netstat and ManagerSever also.
If i run the ManagerServer.Exe it shows http listener is running on port 8080.

I have updated my windows but problem is the same.

What to look for in services???

I have backed up my data before updating the version. Can i import it in any other free software?? I am irritated of this error.

the developer has asked you a specific question on post #20
but your reply is not specific. you are confusing everyone as to what edition of Manager you are using. is it the server edition or desktop edition?
if you are expecting to find a solution then please specifically answer what has been asked.

It is desktop edition

and your answer to the below question?

HKBMobile:0 is listening on

OK, I think port number 55,555 for desktop edition is probably not the best choice as I imagine many programs might be using the same. So the new static port number for desktop edition is 64,079.

Desktop edition needs static port number. This is because if you want to interact with desktop edition through API, the address of the program is not changing between restarts.

How can i change the port number??

The latest version is using port 64079 so see if it fixes your issue.

You can’t change port on desktop edition - and there is an advantage for it to be the same for everyone.

Thank you lubos. After imstalling new version manager gets started.