Server Download

Is there some reason why Server download is not available on the Downloads page.I always have to hunt for the download link. I found it this time in the Guides for Server install. Other users seem to have the same problem.

Could the downloads page include the Server download link as you have it for Windows, Mac and Linux. The current location is not intuitive to find.

Find here: Installation | Manager

Yes that is where I eventually ended up. I can find it. That’s not what I am asking. What I asking for is the ability to go to and find the Server download from there. The only way that I can navigate to your link via the website is by going to Guides and then Server Setup and then I can get to the download link.

Clicking on the Server Edition at the bottom of the main webpage takes me to Server Edition | Manager which has no link to the download page.

Hence my request.

Yes it has. Click on See Pricing & Free Trial button, and after that on Start a Free trial. It will take you to @compuit link. Can it be made more obvious. YES I agree.

I had to download the Server version again today to implement the long awaited Clone Inventory option!

So I tried your path - just as convoluted and not actually obvious where you go. I really hope that the Server download is eventually added to the Downloads link where you can download the desktop clients. It is the logical place for it.