How to show Project Name in the Invoice Line Item?

Hi all, i have implemented project based accounting in my company. Now, I have utilized the Purchase Order Module as a Project Task Ticketing system. I want to show the project per line i have chosen during purchase order creation as Additional Information in the Description. You might argue why I use the module this way, but this works for me to organize all task and expenses. Anyone can help me how do I add the Project Name in the Line Description? Perhaps someone can share me the Variable Name for the Project Name so I can add in the Custom theme?

An example would be like this.

That is not a good idea at all. Purchase orders were not designed for this purpose, so there is no way to predict what problems you will encounter. Purchase orders are related, within Manager’s code, only to pending acquisition of goods or services from outside suppliers. Your claim that this works “to organize all task and expenses” really has no meaning, because we do not know what this means to you. It certainly has no meaning within the Manager application.

As for adding something to a custom theme, it is important to understand that themes only change the appearance of information already being passed to the theme’s code from the software for display in a View. A purchase order does not include the project designation, so whether you know a variable name or not, you will have nothing to display.

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Let me emphasize that I just want to show the Project Name in the document. If this is not a valid feature request, then I just wanted to inquire the variable to call the Project Name. I used the Purchase Order Module as an example. I am seeing on implementing it to different custom templates, especially in Sales Invoice.

  1. This below is definitely not correct.

As you can see on the edit screen, there is the option to select the project.

  1. What you said is exactly the reason what I am using the Purchase Order for, “only to pending acquisition of goods and Services”. It is basically the line personel who will create Purchase Order to request for services from a provider.
  1. Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t organizing expenses or tagging expenses per project the purpose of Projects Module in Manager?

Sorry, but you are wrong. You quoted me out of context. The paragraph in which I said a purchase order does not include the project designation referred to information passed to the theme’s code for rendering. Not all information on the Edit screen is passed to the View screen rendered by a theme. Project designation is such information. As I said before, there is nothing to display. The fact you can select a project on the Edit screen is irrelevant. Edit screens are about data entry. View screens are about selective display of some—but not all—entered and processed data. There is no way for the user to control that except via the options offered on the Edit screen. And inclusion of project designations on the View screen is not offered.

This contradicts what you said in your opening post, where you said you were using purchase orders as a project task ticketing system. A task is much different than a pending acquisition.

Tagging costs for purchased goods and services, as well as income, is the underlying purpose of projects. Task planning or ticketing is not. Understand well what I am saying: while you may have cobbled together a workflow that you think meets your needs at present, you are using features of the program intended for an entirely different use. The developer will give no consideration to your use as project accounting is further developed—as has he has discussed. The chances are high that you will be left out as the program evolves. This is especially true because custom themes, even if they could do what you want, are already designated as obsolete, with removal from the program promised for the near future.

To summarize, the fact you may have been able to use the purchase order and custom theme features to meet your desire is a coincidence. You will receive no support for this path, which will unquestionably disappear. You are trying to turn Manager into a work planning and assignment system, which it is not. It is an accounting system, designed primarily to record financial activity that has already taken place.

may i ask @lubos a comment on this. it’s not only about purchases, but sales invoices also. the info is there, thus the reason why i wanted to show it on the invoice. If not, is it possible to do it in custom theme?