How to show ITEM NAME in the Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice

Is there any way to show the “Item Name” in the Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice at the moment it only displays the ‘Item Code’ & ‘Item description’ only.

item name is for only user view. use description to fill in ur needs to display of commodity name @melvin

The usages for various elements of the inventory item definition are outlined in this Guide: See the subtopic on basic steps for creating inventory items.

Tut, thank you for the advise, but i can not click inventory item, it is lock, how can i un lock, inventory%20item%20screen%20shot

The screen you are looking at (with yellow bands) is the Customize screen where you enable and disable tabs. This is not where you edit inventory items. To get out of this screen, scroll to the bottom and click Update. Then choose Inventory Items in the left navigation pane.