How to show address in tax transaction report

how to show address in tax transaction report please advice

Assuming you mean the address of the customer or supplier, you cannot.

can we build a custom report using tax transaction report, then add another column of customer address or anyother customer field (custom)?

Not within Manager, because the financial information is in the general ledger transactions table, while customer information is not. You would need to export the transaction report to a spreadsheet, then add columns outside Manager.

thanks for your reply, it will be very tedious for us to add that info for each customer every time.
basically we want to include tax number of the customer in the report, it is a requirement of tax department, can we change Name Field of customer to Multi line just like Address then we can include all the info in Name Field in separate line.

I have also tried to add custom field with option “display on printed documents” but still not showing on tax summary report

You can already do that. Insert a <br> tag and add the number to the customer’s name:


Format of the Tax Transactions report changes slightly. The reason displaying custom fields on printed documents does not work is that content of reports is hard-coded.

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Sorry if stupid question, but what is '< br >tag?

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When you enter a “< br >” within a string of data it will create a line break, so data appearing after the tag goes to new line.


It is an HTML tag. See Use HTML code in fields | Manager.

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can you please advise where it is hard coded, really need to add those columns in server edition, also there are few customization required around reports and sales invoice, is there any customization service available?

@Asif_Hussain, do not continue public topics in private messages. Your post has been moved to this subject, where it belongs.

No. Manager’s code is not open source.


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Thank you Brucanna…

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Do you have a template of the report you want?

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Hi Davide, yes please see attached, the report generated by “Tax Transaction” have all of this data, we only need to add more info about customer in separate columns e.g CNIC, NTN

I suggest waiting. Localisation are in being changed / enhanced. Reports by supplier are currently supported. Maybe reports by customer will also be supported in the future, See Localisation: GST/VAT worksheet programming guide
Particularly given “Taxable Sales by Customer” report (see topic) was only added in 18 Aug 2019 v19.7.47

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Hi, Is it possible now with newer version?

No. In the future you can check the Localizations page yourself to see what is present for your country.

ok thanks, is it technically possible to get it done if I hire a dotliquid programmer?
All i need is to add few custom fields of customer in “Tax Transaction” report as seprate columns.

Probably not. Localizations of the type you envision are report transformations. They can only make use of information already in a built-in report. And half the content of your sample report isn’t in the Tax Transactions report. As explained earlier, you are probably going to have to construct the report you desire from several sources.

Accept the fact that Manager cannot cater to the needs of every user in every country. Accounting always involves some work that is performed outside the main accounting program.

As far I understand by reading the forum, i think if i could get .json file for the “Tax transaction” report i can get it modified from some programmer according to my requirements and import it to manager with some other name, is there anyway to get .json file for the “Tax transaction” report?