Tax displayed wrongly in reports

I just started using manager today. So far so good. Encountered one bug though.
I set tax percent in settings and then created a sales invoice. In sales invoice the tax was automatically calculated as defined in settings (Rs15383) but when i checked trial balance under tax payable displayed is Rs5. Rest of tax amount shown as income.
Any fix for this?.

A suggestion:
It would be nice if dedicated account number and ifsc code columns for suppliers and customers

Are you using a standard tax code or did you create a custom tax code ?

Can you illustrate your situation with either figures or screenshots, so we can see would you see.

There is a Code field when you create or edit customers and suppliers.

Thank you Brucanna for prompt response.
Im calculating 5% VAT which was not on list. Hence i customised.
But as i said in my first post, the tax was automatically and correctly calculated when raising sale invoice. Rs15383. But tax payable is shown as Rs5 only.

It is installed in my office PC, will share screenshots once back in office. (4 hours time)

Dear Tut,
There is fields like - Name, address, mobile, fax, email etc and Notes at the end. But never saw bank account number or ifsc.

I downloaded manager from official link so I guess it’s latest.

Could you share a screenshot?

If your 5% vat created tax code has the “Flat Rate” box ticked and 5 entered then you are getting a flat 5 tax
Untick that Flat Tax box and see what occurs.

Is your currency Seychelles Rupee, if yes perhaps @lubos could add your tax code to default list.

You’ve changed your terminology now. Originally you wrote about numbers for customers and suppliers. I told you to handle that with code field. (And by the way, what is “ifsc?” We’ve got users in more than 100 countries.)

Now you seem to be talking about bank account numbers. If you mean your own numbers, put that in Business Details under Settings.

Dear Brucanna,

Solved. Many thanks. Now reports are fine.

Pls excuse my terminology. What i mean is it would be helpful if bank details like account number and branch code (ifsc, that is used for online payments like NEFT, RTGS) of individual supplier and customer can be saved in their profile.

You go to a customer or supplier profile and you can see their address, phone, (already available) and bank details.

Now i have saved bank details in NOTES.

No you don’t. You can create custom fields for customers and suppliers. Set them up to show as columns. You will see them in the relevant lists. You can also set them up to show on documents. By default, they will be at the end of the form, but you can manipulate positions with custom themes.

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That’s exactly what i wanted to hear. But i cant figure out how to add custom columns.
Can’t find any such menu. Can you please show me how.

Read this Guide

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Thanks Brucanna,

That’s pretty much it.
Great software and awesome support.