Problem with receiving money from an invoice

In my company we make invoices for customers and they pay half at the spot and half after a month.
How can i do this on
I can only receive money in full amount, i cant see a option for payment in half.

Does have this feature?

Thank you

Assuming you did make an invoice:

  • Click on [Sales Invoices] in order to find the invoice which is (half) paid.
  • Click on [view] for the concerned invoice
  • Click on [Receive money]
  • Click the [Cash at bank]
  • Put in the amount you actually received.
  • To finalise, click on [Create].

Hope this helps.

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You can edit the amounts when receiving payment.

Yeah it works
Thank you Ries and Tut
I just started working with this software 2 days ago, i am used to quickbooks,
This program is extremely simple to use and is great for laptops , quickbooks on the other hand is not that great for laptops.