How to open Manager in a terminal using ubuntu?

I’m experiencing a problem with manager in bodhi linux 5.1 whereby if I select the date drop down box to change the date of a quote, invoice or any form where I need to change the current date, when selecting the date box the screen immediately turns black.
In my limited knowledge, I’m pretty sure it’s not manager with the problem, as on my netbook with bodhi 4.5 manager works perfectly.
I would like to start it in a terminal and see what it tells me but don’t know the command, if in fact there is one.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Open the terminal. Start typing manager… and then tab. It will autocomplete.

Hi novica,

Thanks for the reply, I’m embarrassed to admit that if I’d just read the drop down box when I double clicked the file I would have seen the option to run in terminal.
Consider me standing in the corner with a pointy hat on.
Terminal tells me:

(ManagerDesktop:7453): Gtk-WARNING **: 19:11:46.388: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:6191:29: The :insensitive pseudo-class is deprecated. Use :disabled instead.


Are you running the latest Manager - 19.10.9?

Yes currently running 19.10.9

And you get the warning message when you actually click as you described in the first post?

I don’t get any activity on the terminal screen in the latest version, just a blank terminal screen, but also does the same as older versions when trying to change dates, quantities, values, in fact any drop down box selection goes to a blank screen.

I must just add that when I boot up and select the first option on the grub menu i.e. Bodhi Linux, this is when Manager malfunctions.
However when I select recovery mode, then Manager works perfectly which leads me to believe that something is not right with the OS as opposed to Manager.

Maybe this is a question for a Bodhi linux forum then. Maybe you need to recover your system so that it works in normal boot, not in recovery mode.

Agreed. The reason I asked here was to find out if opening Manager was possible in a terminal in order to see if it may give me a clueas to what the problem might be.
Many thanks for your interest and help. Much appreciated!