Manager is crashing on Pops os Linux

I recently discovered that manager is crashing whenever I clicked Line description, unit or unit price column. I even downloaded the latest AppImage yet same problem. I am using Dell e6430s with a dual boot of Windows 10 and pop os linux.
Help pls.

Latest doesn’t say anything as sometimes there are several updates in one day. So in what version are ocurring the mentioned anomalies?

I have updated to

What do you mean by “clicked Line Description, unit or unit price column”?

Do you mean you clicked in the text box labeled “Line Description”, etc to enter a value ?

It could also be that your Pop!_OS Linux distribution, while based on Ubunto is not an up to date version.
What version are you using?

Or that, whilst it is based on Ubunto it deviates somehow in a way that make Manager incompatible

And why aren’t you using the Windows version of Manager? I guess the Linux AppImage is having a problem with the version of GTK. You can use the search funtion to find other topics about a problem with GTK.

@Joe91 my pop os is up to date.
@Mark Yes its working on Windows, but I have to boot into Windows each time I want to use Manager. I have been using manager on pop os for about a year now and I don’t want to go back to Windows.

The latest pop os uses gtk4 while Manager uses gtk3. Follow the advise by @Mark and search for gtk3 which involves downgrading to gtk3 if pop os allows for that.

Personally, I just install gtk2 and gtk3 libraries (assuming that they are not already there and installed), and all works very well for me.
Just look for and install libgtk2 and libgtk3 in the repo’s. You will end up with 3 packages for each