How to obtain the real sales figures on PL

Actually I have created 3 sub cash sales accounts (Pastry, Drinks, etc) linked to Income. I draw money from them to effect cash payments for expenses or even petty items WIP.
I want to know if it is possible to have the sales in the summary as per real sales account and not netted off with these disbursements. Same for the Report for P&L
Example:- Sales for Nov 18 Pastry, say Rs100K
Disbursement from that sub account for expenses (10K)
Disbursement from that account for ingredients ( 10K)
In report Sales shows 100K being effective sales from POS
Then these disbursement are allocated to the respective accounts.

I don’t understand - what does this mean “3 sub cash sales accounts (Pastry, Drinks, etc) linked to Income”

Can you post a screen image of your summary page, chart of accounts and of an edit transaction

It sounds like you are using income accounts as cash accounts. That is completely incorrect accounting. Cash accounts are asset accounts. Sales accounts are income accounts. Read Design a chart of accounts | Manager.

My problem is that any cash transaction is taken into account in the Sales ( Income) Account. Ex if I effect a cash payment, the sales is debited.
How do I create a separate Income ( Sales) Account to credit sales values and then a Cash Acct for cash transactions?

Read the relevant Guides.