How to merge two businesses?

Hi there, I have gone through few posts in the forum regarding my question in this topic and I know that there is no automatic way of merging two businesses. I was new to accounting and this software and I had created two businesses for two suppliers and now I am in need of merging both. Could anyone please give some idea on merging both manually e.g. adding one business to other? and How? So that, all the data of one business reflect in other businesses’ equations. Then, I may continue with only one business in future.

There are no easy methods. You must recreate every customer, supplier, employee, and transaction in every tab of one business in the other. You can perhaps take advantage of the batch operations features by copying the Batch Update spreadsheet from one business and using it (after deleting unnecessary columns) as the Batch Create input to the other. But everything that uses one of the 32-bit hexadecimal strings (like customer IDs) will not transfer, because those UUIDs must be created within the target program.

You might do best by creating year-end financial statements of both companies and starting over in a brand new company. Combine the results of the previous year to determine starting balances for the new company. Depending on what you have actually done, that might be the required legal approach anyway. If the two original businesses are different entities from the new business, it definitely would be.

Thanks for your reply, Tut. It is really helpful in a way that I got an idea. Recreating everything in one business will be a daunting task for me because it is one an a half year’s data now. Second option sounds good to me e.g. Creating a new company and adding starting balances in it from the results of combining two old businesses.